Fictive Avengers

To the Moon

Goldfist got back from his vacation, once again followed around by mandroid armor he forced to respond to his greetings by saying “Would you like to play a game.” Jade Lotus got back from her cabin in Colorado where she did gardening, art, and enjoyed medicinal marijuana to keep her calm. A mandroid was assigned to follow her while she was on the base too. Tien Mu returned too, joining Folkvar and Sapphire Fortune.

Aspis had a lab on the Detroit base as far as possible from Goldfist, working on dimensional physics as Goldfist worked on neural networks. Black declined an offer to join the Avengers, and remained SHIELD’s best power armor pilot. Three Origamitech suits were built, another due every two months. SHIELD continued exploring the “hack” of the THACO airframe.

Turns out SHIELD triggered a nuke to cover the infestation in Colorado. Now the Mechnar want a meeting with the Avengers, away from SHIELD.

Meeting on the Moon

They met with Overwatch and Triage, going through the d-gate to the moon base, which was built for both human and Mechnar scale. Goldfist was not allowed access to the computers, Fury’s advice; Goldfist insulted Fury to the Mechnar. The Mechnar explained that the slimosites were bio-weapons created with Solaricite. The Mechnar use Solaricite as a multi-dimensional nervous system, humans use it as a neural networking agent with machines, and the slimosites use it as an interface with a flexible genetic matrix so they can absorb genetic code and pull weapons out of it in interesting combinations.

After the folly of creating the slimosites, a hard-fought campaign was waged to confuse and isolate them in forbidden space. War Crimes must have gone into that forbidden space, after fuel and weapons, and led some slimosites out. Crashing on Earth, she could ditch her pursuit and wreck her foes in one neat stroke as she kept going.

Telepathic contact connects spore scouts and advance parties with the main fleet. The goal of the battle would be to teleport the dimensional gate into the middle of the fleet and detonate it, hopefully destroying 90% of the incoming fleet. Even 10% may be too much to handle.

A stockpile of Solaricite on the moon base, guarded by Mechnar and armor, could draw some of the survivors. The rest could be drawn to a deserted island with more Solaricite, and the Helicarrier parked above. None of the invaders must survive or humanity is doomed.

The Armory

Triage took Goldfist out of the room, for there was a secret Overwatch wanted to tell the Avengers that even SHIELD did not know, and Goldfist could not be trusted with it. The moon was a weapons installation, a vault of Solericite and weaponry from eons ago. The stabilizing presence of the moon allowed life to form on Earth, affecting wind and tides.

Only the Key could access the vault, and it was long lost. The Clean Sweepers do not know about the vault, and the First Responders cannot get into it, so for now the secret is safe. Here, at the end of all things, best if the Avengers know and can react appropriately if something about it comes up in the battle.

Meanwhile, Triage wanted help programming his smart phone. Goldfist obliged, and also put in a signature reader so he could pretend to be Triage to a computer security system, and implanted back doors and such to spy on the Mechnar.


The Mechnar had two ships that could still fly, that would be needed in the battle. During the discussion, a band of over a dozen Clean Sweepers used a d-gate to get into the hanger to cut through the hull and steal a ship. The Avengers and Mechnar responded. Folkvar and Goldfist disabled the drill, and Folkvar helped unbalance attackers so Tien Mu and Jade Lotus could use them as weapons to batter their comrades. Sapphire Fortune hung back, interfacing with the defense systems and taking over turrets for remote attacks while coordinating his teammates.

The battle was swift and brutal, with only two casualties among the defending Mechnar.

No leader was clearly identified, and there was surely a leader. One was twice as big as the others, but hid in a stealth field. They caught him before he hacked through the terminal security of the Mechnar base. They confronted a massive Mechnar with armor and blades. Jade Lotus smashed one of his troops on him, Tien Mu mashed him with a huge chunk of wreckage, and Goldfist maxed out his EMP burster. They batter him down, and discover his name is Anarchist. They return to the briefing room for snacks as the Mechnar are repaired by floating medical robots.

As the Mechnar communicate with micro-bursts of information they find there were two other attacks on the base at the same time, all repelled. The Mechnar were sufficiently impressed by their help that they invited the Avengers to assist in defending the moon. Sapphire Fortune really liked the moon base, developing familiarity with Mechnar tech and staying on the moon.

They returned to Earth. Goldfist lured Triage out on a bonding outing, trying to build rapport.



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