Fictive Avengers

Battle the Flesh Tide


Goldfist put some combat stims in his armor. Commander Maria Hill answers to Fury, and she controls access Goldfist has to others, and that they have to him; he can do anything he can get past her. (Like rig speakers on the Helicarrier to play “Brick House Woman” when Jade Lotus walks by. It worked twice.) BORIS was accelerating development, and needed braking soon. He was spontaneously generating playlists and mnemonic enhancers. And fashion designs for Jade Lotus and a line of clothing in 30 seconds or so.

Jade Lotus helped carry vehicles around and get the Helicarrier ready to repel the assault. (Reed Richards helped with the Helicarrier too, including mounting an anti-matter slingshot.)

Crane and Dragon squad showed up—ten origamitech fighters! Searching for the Clean Sweepers doesn’t reveal any signs. Folkvar gets a matching tattoo with the rest of the pilots, to mark the day, should they survive.

The Mechnar pulled out their actual war weapons, which Goldfist was not allowed to see. They seeded tech on asteroids that weaponized them. Tien Mu’s lightning helped recharge solericite batteries. The heart is removed from the d-gate, and the 48 hour countdown begins.

Triage left on the suicide mission, and Goldfist used his login to make a backdoor into the Mechnar system in case they survive somehow. He borrowed Sapphire Fortune’s tonal pattern adjusted, to convince the system he’s been in there for a while. Goldfist brought five suits to the moon to go head to head with the incoming horde.

After a day of prep, the public still didn’t know about the threat, but some defense plans involved setting nuclear plants to overload, and other scorched earth tactics. Jade Lotus played around on the moon surface, Tien Mu meditated, and a holographic projector allowed people to say goodbye to loved ones on the planet below. Folkvar got a full pardon from the President of the United States.

The Bomb

In the Van Allen belt, unusually small scouts detect the d-gate bomb and slow their advance. That’s two days out! The Mechnar report the shift in the tactical situation. There was no contingency for being detected this far out!

The only way they could get someone out there to activate the bomb would be to send Tien Mu, in a special tech harness Goldfist made, teleporting out from where the d-gate engine was in the gate assembly to a point she had seen previously. She teleported further than she ever had, risking the edge of the dimensional barrier, and arrived by the power source bomb, surrounded by slimocite scouts. She spoke to the engine, and it prepared to detonate.

She tried to teleport back, and the bomb detonated. A fragment of her makes it back to say goodbye, then she’s whisked apart in the energy of the universe. Goldfist tried to stabilize the signal, and got the silhouette, then Tien Mu was gone.

The surviving sensor arrays started calculating the slimocite survivors. Survivors rode the leading edge of the explosion, and would arrive in two hours.

Moon Battle

They rose to the alien menace, engaging a sky so full they could not miss their foes. Jade Lotus uses their own cutting limbs to cut them, Folkvar loses a leg but fights on using their weapons against them, Goldfist resists getting hacked by the swarm, and they fight a desperate battle against .6% of the original swarm, as .8% targets Earth.

Goldfist takes the signal used to try to hack him, and repurposes it with the communications array to Earth, broadcasting it back into the mass. He also figured out how to signal distress and lure them to himself. Jade Lotus went into a big one and tore her way out from inside.

Folkvar wanted to communicate to Jade Lotus, whose sensory organs were sort of torn and burned off. She wasn’t regenerating fast enough, so Folkvar grabbed her and threw her at foes. Goldfist set his suit to self destruct and ejected, and as BORIS sang a stoic Russian song, Folkvar picked Goldfist up and retreated to the base for more armor.

The base was under a swarm 6k across of dead invaders. They tore in, saw the Mechnar had used the lure to pull in the invaders, and they fought the surviving invaders in the base. Goldfist was tossed aside as Folkvar engaged intruders in hand to hand; Goldfist survived, repurposing life support to communications to activate another version of BORIS to bring armor. Goldfist got a scar on the side of his head.

(Jade Lotus got a talent, Space Worthy, so she can operate in space without holding her breath or worrying about vacuum.)

Backstab, a Mechnar First Responder, limped back to base. She switched to their language, and explained the little ones were eating the bigger ones’ corpses, to make sure nothing was lost.

Battle for Earth

They got patched up enough to make it back down to Earth. They arrived to help the Helicarrier, which was fighting off invaders, desperate. One creature was scrambling electronics, pushing SHIELD to the limit—but BORIS could protect against it.

SHIELD took a minute to realize Jade Lotus was not one of the incoming monsters, but when she pulled off an engine and threw it into a mass of invaders, they figured it out. They got the Helicarrier defenses back up.

They won, basically. They helped Captain Black out of his wrecked origamitech suit. Now .01% remained, of the .8% that hit the planet. They can cope with that—hopefully.

They spent the rest of the day doing mop up, overnighting on the Helicarrier. The invasion was over. The Avengers Initiative would now reposition and prepare for the next wave.

Meanwhile the X Men and Fantastic Four launched a joint mission to attack a mass on the far side of the moon. They would take their telepath, they had a plan, and felt it would go well. They were successful, so now dedicated Earth forces tracked down every trace and parasite.

Having confronted real power the likes of which he had never seen, Goldfist tried to patch things up with Captain Black, and felt released from his previous arrogance. Folkvar flexed his newfound legal freedom.



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