Tien Mu

Chinese Thunder Goddess


Template: Thunder God
Current Level: 5

Awareness 1
Brawn 6
Charm 2
Commitment 3
Cunning -2
Daring 1

Wounds: 13

Mighty Warrior
Feat of Strength

Code of Honor: Chivalry
Background: Wealth 3
Weakness: Enemy (Onaga the Dragon King)


Chen Miya was born and raised in Edgarton, NC. Her family had immigrated from China and owned a restaurant called the Sky Temple in the Asian-influenced area of Edge City. She lived there with her parents, her grandfather, and her younger brother and grew up learning how to run the family business. Aside from living in a town notorious for its vigilante community and its refusal to advance technologically, things were pretty normal.

One night, the Sky Temple was robbed, at least that’s what the police reports say. The family was there when it happened, there was a battle that erupted on the roof of the restaurant, and Miya’s parents were murdered in front of her eyes. She isn’t entirely sure what happened next because in her moment of grief, she was struck by lightning.

She awoke some time later to find her grandfather kneeling over her, authorities beginning to arrive on the scene, and the body of every attacker lying dead on the rooftop around her. It was ruled that the lightning strike had been massive – a good portion of the restaurant was damaged and on fire – and it must have killed everyone on the rooftop. Except, of course, for her. Miya felt a little odd, and once she finally caught a glimpse of her reflection, she was shocked to see her hair had turned entirely white.

That was just the beginning of her problems. She discovered if she got angry or frustrated, lights would flicker. It was nearly impossible for her to use a telephone because the static was always so bad on her end. On even rarer occasions, lightning would dance across her fingertips or in her eyes. Her grandfather assured her that she had been given a gift from the Gods, and began training her in martial arts while the restaurant was being rebuilt.

As her discipline improved, so did her command of her new “powers”. She could call forth lightning from the sky and blast it from her hands. She could change into a bolt of lightning and move around. Her grandfather began calling her “Tien Mu” or “Lightning Mother” after an ancient Chinese weather goddess. He instilled a sense of honor and duty in her and once she felt ready to face the dangers outside, she stepped out in her new persona to defend Chinatown from those who preyed upon it.

She quickly became enemies with a local sect of the Dusk Clan, a group of ninjas terrorizing the locals, and it was through their rivalry that she caught the attention of the Gray Ghost, Edge City’s vigilante hero who had been a part of the town’s history for decades. She joined the other vigilantes under the direction of the Ghost to defend the city against horrible threats.

Things were going well in that regard until she unwittingly released Onaga, the Dragon King, from his centuries-long slumber in Mongolia. He is a monster from another world who terrorized Asia for hundreds of years until he was captured and subdued there.

No one is sure where Tien Mu went next, but she did not return to Edge City. When she reemerged as a vigilante defending the weak once again, it was noted she had gained more abilities. She was considerably stronger, she could now fly, and she had obtained a new weapon. She had always carried a staff, but this new one crackled with other-dimensional energies and power.

It was her reemergence and public oath to defend humanity that caught S.H.I.E.L.D.’s attention, and she was approached by agents who wanted her to join the Avengers Initiative. For now, she seems content protecting the Earth from grave threats with her new cohorts, but she knows her arch-nemesis is still at large and will force a confrontation someday.

Tien Mu

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