The Templar

Meta human born with wings; defends humanity in the name of God in the guise of a Templar knight


Thunder God template

concept: Michael Carpenter (Dresden Files) + angels (Supernatural) + Templar knight

wounds- 13 (inherent ability-God)
Awareness- 1
Brawn- 6 > 12 (inherent ability-God)
Charm- 1 > 2 (inherent ability-God)
Commitment- 4 > 8 (inherent ability-God)
Cunning- (-)2
Daring- 0

Flight (Thunder God)- constant move up to 2 arenas a round; when holding Astra Lux move up to 4 arenas a round (+1 per AP spent, does not count toward leveling); carry anything in flight that you can lift off the ground.

Astra Lux (The Stars Light)
-Bastard Sword (heavy weapon)
-No one can lift it but me, unless they use 30 Brawn (sources cannot combine efforts)
-Can be hurled up to 1 arena per base Brawn as a range weapon
-can be recalled across up to 5 arenas per round as a focus action each round

Belief System
Human life is sacred (+4)- Templar will not kill any human unless absolutely forced to. He believes all human life is sacred and each person is capable of redemption no matter how far they have strayed. Templar will only move to kill a human if they are threatening the lives of other humans (the needs of many…). Anything non-human that threatens a human is a fair target.

Out of Touch- out of sync with modern society, you often feel lonely in your isolation.


Born in a small desert community in Arizona Templar was abandoned by his parents due to being born a mutant. From birth Templar has had a pair of wings and possesses superhuman strength and stamina. Left to an orphanage run by the Catholic Church Templar was immediately seen as a gift from God owing to him strongly resembling an angel of the lord.

Templar was quickly removed from the orphanage and secretly trained as a weapon for the Catholic Church as a deterrent against sin. As a result of this his morals are strongly skewed to conform with the teaching of the church; Templar will go to any lengths to protect humanity from evil. Although raised to be a weapon he has also been taught the nonviolent ideology of Christ and thus endeavors no to take human life unless absolutely necessary, instead offering wrong doers a chance at redemption at most or arrest and incarceration at the least.

When dealing with non-Earth foes Templar is much less forgiving for committing transgressions against humanity, for the Bible says nothing about love thy alien.

Templar dresses in Templar Knight garb traditional to the crusades in the holy lands during the middle ages. He also wields a large bastard sword named Astra Lux, this sword appears to be made of a reflective gold alloy. The legend around this weapon holds that it was forged by angels in Heaven and fell to Earth in the early years of the formation of the Catholic Church in Rome and has been wielded by defenders of the church for the past 2,000 years.

As for his mannerisms, having been shutoff from general culture for most of his life Templar is often out of touch with modern society; this barrier is only worsened by his near fanatical devotion to the Catholic Church.

The Templar

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