Viking Super Soldier


Folkvar is a man who appears to be in his late twenties. He is a large muscular fellow standing roughly six and a half feet tall. He has long red hair and a beard that he braids for official occasions. His “uniform” has been adjusted to give the look of medieval armor. He carries a large round heavy shield with two stylized Nordic ravens stretched around the edges and crossed spear and norse blade in the center. The edges of the shield are written in the old Futhark Norse runes. In public he always wears a helm that covers the upper half of his face. His English is lightly accented with Norwegian.


His given name is Erik Helgerson. He is a first generation Norwegian born in the US. He talks little about his background. He joined the military straight out of high school and found something that helped give him purpose and direction. During this time he was given the opportunity to join in a military program call Project Valhalla.

He was told that they believed they had discovered the roots of the legends of the Einherjar, the honored dead of Valhalla, was tied to their genetic heritage. Out of the numerous volunteers Erik was the only one that the treatment worked fully on.

Erik won’t talk about his life after this. General notes in his personnel file mention that the doctor in charge of the program turned and changed it into a racial purity crusade. Erik was eventually “rescued” from this environment and has become a fiercely loyal member of shield. He is very keen on personal and family honor.

Age 20
Languages – English & Norwegian (literate)
Base Template – Super Soldier
Level 4

+1 Awareness
+5 Brawn
-2 Charm
+5 Commitment
-1 Cunning
+2 Daring

Wounds – 6
AP Spent this level – 1
AP at end of session – 11

Inherent Ability – Max attribute rating 10. Gain 1 extra wound/brawn. Gain wounds if you gain brawn. Age 1 year each decade

1. Shield Expertise © – All 10’s & 1’s grant +1 wnd (Face shot or dirty blow)
2. Hurl Shield © – Shield as a missle weapon, throw / return as focus action
3. Hurl Shield © – hurling shield is no longer a focus action
4. Charger (A) – Move and Attack gaining +2 to hit
5. Neural Jack © – allows to pilot a Mech

•Code of Honor – Duty to shield +5


Heavy Armor – (quality counts as medium)
Vibranium Shield
Counts as a hand weapon and a heavy shield but damages as a heavy weapon
counts as 1 load

  • If you take a hit on the shield you can negate 1 incoming wound per Awesome point spent, up to the incoming wounds. Half of these count towards leveling.
  • Vibranium ignores up to 3 wounds soaked by the target’s armor when used as a weapon.

Crane Mecha – Name Sleipnir (Has image of the eight legged horse of Odin on it.)


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