Fictive Avengers


Mission 2

Adventure Two: One for Each Of You


They started out with Jade Lotus (gamma monster) and Goldfist (armor expert) meeting Folkvar (super soldier). Captain Evans was briefing them on the training mission, but Goldfist predictably interrupted him, and he headed into the mobile headquarters. Folkvar and Jade Lotus followed him and got the briefing while Goldfist enjoyed having his two extra suits of armor slave linked to him so he could have backups on site if he needed them.

Goldfist chose the stealth suit to go on the mission, which was infiltrating a 4 story building and rescuing 4 hostages from 10 thugs. They approached, and Goldfist used xray vision to see the 10 thugs, the security cameras, and the skylights on the top floor. He infiltrated with his suit, and found the hostages, then called in the others on the com. Jade Lotus leaped the 4 story building, with Folkvar as a passenger. He kicked off her, and each of them pounded down through a skylight. They snapped into action.

Folkvar punished a number of the “terrorists” (soldiers for the exercise) with his vibranium shield as Jade Lotus stomped the rest. Goldfist snatched the hostages and managed to juggle them all out the hole in the roof left by Jade Lotus. They successfully rescued the hostages.

Captain Black told them they’d have a demonstration to attend when they were cleaned up. They got ready and headed out in the quinjet.


En route to the demonstration, they were attacked by an enemy aircraft that shot the quinjet down. The pilot ejected to safety, but they faced a strange plane with energy fans. It split into the big plane and two smaller planes that detached from the wings. Also, meter-wingspan scout craft buzzed around them too.

Goldfist jetted out of the disintegrating plane, and Folkvar put on a flight harness. Angered by the attack, Jade Lotus climbed out on the plane and leaped at the attacking aircraft. Energy bolts hammered her, knocking her down to the forest below. Folkvar talked to her on the comm and got her out of her blind rage before she hit the forest below, and he followed her down.

Goldfist engaged the aircraft; one of the smaller planes let him get too close, and he sheared a wing off. He fired off precise shots, disabling the flight capacity of the other, and managed to down it. He turned his attention to the big plane.

Meanwhile it had dropped off two strange automated tanks, that each disgorged a number of metal-armored figures with big guns. Scout drones swarmed around everyone, keeping an eye on them and only shooting at them when they held still.

Meanwhile, Tien Mu sensed the destruction of her summoning device, and arrived to investigate. She took in the scene in time to see Jade Lotus leap at a tank and get hammered back through the trees by a massive anti-tank gun. Stung and furious, Jade Lotus tore a rock out of the earth and hurled it at the tank, badly injuring it. Tien Mu zapped a few of the hovering scouts, then flung her staff like a javelin, damaging a tank further. Jade Lotus finished it with another hurled boulder.

Folkvar took out a couple scouts with his shield, then ran to evade them. He managed to slip down under a fallen tree, and crawl to a stream, and emerge without being detected. He worked his way back to where the silver soldiers tramped through the woods, and he clanged his shield off one of them, ducking behind the hill as energy fire raked his position.

Goldfist darted around the big plane, trading fire; he saw four sockets in a vulnerable point that were guarded by the silver soldiers, and he realized they were robots. He managed to fire on some critical engineering sections to the fuel cell, and the plane detonated in a gratifying explosion.

All remaining units converged on the tank that remained, but the Avengers were not through with them yet. Jade Lotus continued her vicious campaign of boulder-hucking as Tien Mu gathered a storm and sent lightning sizzling across the humming scout drones. The last tank detonated with an earth-shattering boom that sprayed debris far and wide. Surviving infantry and scouts hesitated a moment, then retreated. They would not escape so easily.

Folkvar noticed the infantry had scouts on their backs, like backpacks, and he banked his shield off a tree branch to shear one off for examination. Meanwhile, Goldfist cleanly decapitated one of the infantry so as not to damage it as he studied the remains.

As Goldfist examined the circuitry, he was impressed at the innovative and isolated communication matrices. Connecting the system to his suit’s power, he sent a pulse through it to knock out the remaining troops. It did not work, but he discovered they were connected to dedicated satellites.

The Avengers followed the infantry and scouts to see where they went, who they answered to. But the robots knelt, and Goldfist hurled his away and fled advising the other Avengers to do the same. Not a moment too soon, as they all detonated, leaving only slag behind.

Goldfist used his satellite connection to link Folkvar back to base, and as they called in Captain Black told them they did a good job and their ride was on the way. A quinjet picked them up and returned them to base.


Obviously, the demonstration had been sprung on them a bit earlier than they expected. They attended a formal banquet that night, for the funding committee of SHIELD and select representatives of geopolitical militaries and military contractors.

SHIELD Director Nick Fury introduced R. Carlos Venaka of Wayland Industries. Vanaka introduced the Tactical Holistic Armored Construct Operation system, or THACO. Holographic images from the battle between the THACO system and the Avengers played on the sides as he explained the capacities of his engineering feat.

Linked robotics multiply the force of a few in a highly dangerous environment. Redundancies and flexible tactical options built in for when we must not fail assure survival. Reliable, modular, always on-deck forces are a safe emergency rapid response team option. To conclude, if chosen over the Avengers Initiative, THACO offered seven airframe response teams (like the one they tangled with.)

Captain Black was up next to present for the Avengers Initiative. His presentation was much shorter. He noted the initiative proved successful in warding off dimensional integrity failure. He noted that the unexpected requires more flexibility and command decisions on the spot than modular robotics systems can afford.

After the presentations, the mingling. Folkvar was a forbidding presence. Jade Lotus flirted and made the rounds. Tien Mu charmed the guests with her exotic grace and magnetic personality.

Goldfist chatted up a bunch of contractors and purchasers, socializing by picking on Dr. Wayne Jacobson of Wyngard Defense Systems. Goldfist casually talked about their secret projects and mocked their efforts, with such wit and skill that everyone was laughing as Dr. Jacobson was humiliated for his aquatic defense systems. A great evening was had by all.



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