Fictive Avengers


Mission 4

A Visit to Goldfist’s Place

Captain Williams, the good ole boy commanding officer of SHIELD’s Avengers Initiative, planned a visit to Goldfist’s compound in upstate New York. He sent Folkvar ahead to let Goldfist know he was coming. He took two new recruits to the Avengers Initiative with him.

One was Templar, an angel-winged warrior for God. The other was Apis, a sizemorphing beekeeper who was twitchy and trying to escape allegations that he was a super-villain (after all, the court cleared him.) Templar brought a huge golden sword, and Apis brought a case with dimensional folding inside, and lots of bees.

Folkvar drove, and was greeted by Boris (Goldfist’s AI servant). He also met Jade Lotus, who was lounging on the couch watching an enormous television.

Goldfist, meanwhile, studied the strange living robot that was captured in the previous adventure about a day and a half ago. His findings continued to excite and disturb him; there was more space inside the robot than the exterior case allowed! Still, he managed to tear himself away to see what Folkvar wanted.

Meanwhile the helicopter approached, with the Templar and Apis aboard. They were met by Jim, one of Goldfist’s servants, and escorted in. Captain Williams asked what Goldfist had been up to, and Goldfist suggested nothing was out of the ordinary. Captain Williams seemed… skeptical.


Then Boris confidentially informed Goldfist that another gate opened down in the trashed lab, and seven intruders entered. Goldfist made his excuses, and everyone but Captain Williams headed downstairs—Goldfist paused long enough to suit up.

They reached the fourth sub-basement in time to meet the living robots pushing their way into the elevator shaft. A massive battle erupted, as one of the sleek and agile robots cut Templar down before being hammered down by Jade Lotus wielding a mass of concrete. Goldfist surgically cut at the enormous robot’s chest cannon after it crushed Jade Lotus into the wall a couple times. As he knocked out its optics, the distress call to Tien Mu went through and she teleported in to join them.

Apis swarmed one of the robots with bees, and flew another one into the neck of the big robot to see what made him tick. He quickly evacuated when the big robot came under serious percussive assault.

Tien Mu and Jade Lotus used some wrecked robots as clubs to subdue others, then in a grand finale they tore massive multi-ton chunks of wall out and flung them down the hallway to smash the big robot. Jade Lotus, enraptured with rage, pursued the three surviving robots that fled. Tien Mu flew, and got there first; she tore a shattered bulkhead from the wall and flung it, smashing two of the robots as the third leaped through the glowing portal as it closed.

It was a near thing, and there was some more random property damage to Goldfist’s facility, but Jade Lotus calmed down. Folkvar got the Templar patched up. Folkvar and Apis took the stairs up towards the surface as the Templar flew up the elevator shaft. Meanwhile, the other three checked on the prisoner robot, who was still restrained.

The robots had communicated with a sort of muted clicking tone, and Goldfist played it back for the prisoner—who smiled faintly and promised to kill him.

They headed back upstairs.

Debriefings All Around

They told Captain Williams about the giant robots, and the battle, and the wall of light that was a gate. He seemed pretty unruffled by the strange news. After they got cleaned up, they packed into the helicopter and quin-jet and flew to the Helicarrier.

They passed through the heart of the massive flying airship, to a large chamber with a big ring on the wall. On the Captain’s orders, it activated, and they stepped through to what looked like a dusty old military base.

Captain Williams explained they were in a base on the moon. He introduced the giant robot Interceptor, and gave them the run-down of one of SHIELD’s darkest secrets.

The Mechnar

About 20,000 years ago there was a war in space between factions of a race of living robots, the Mechnar. They hid weapons and energy caches on Earth. In the 1980s, a scouting group came to the planet to harvest some of these resources. They suffered a philosophical split.

Some became the Clean Sweepers, determined to end life on the planet so they could rapidly harvest their resources and be gone. The other faction was the First Responders, who wanted to harvest the materials more carefully and leave life on Earth intact. The Responders allied with SHIELD, and served as a deterrent to make the Sweepers back down.

Instrumental to the project was Dr. Ivanovitch, Goldfist’s father. He worked with the alien biotechnology, with the understanding that he would never implement it. However, he died in a plane crash—but it was actually a Sweeper attack, and the Responders could not save him.

His death motivated SHIELD to consider developing a resource to resist the Sweeper agenda besides relying on the Responders. That was the secret heart of the Avengers Initiative. When SHIELD intelligence uncovered the technological roots of the THACO project, they realized it was a derivation of Mechnar technology, and that freed them to escalate their side of the equation.

Goldfist took his father’s theoretical work and made it real with his armor technology. SHIELD brought him onboard as an answer to THACO. They also contacted Apis, whose sizemorphing technology was rooted in the dimensional shifting of the Mechnar.

The ship that crashed carried War Crime, a tough Sweeper with a small army. She talked to Slayer, the Sweeper leader; Dr. Ivanovitch convinced the Sweepers that humanity could be roused to a lethal force that the Sweepers could not resist. War Crime convinced Slayer that humanity was weak, and so the Sweepers traced a signal to Solaricite, the energy form that fueled their bodies and their technology. It was Goldfist’s power array.

The Sweepers sent two of their number, who were handily defeated by the Avengers. A larger party came to follow up, and they too were smashed. The Avengers Initiative formed just in time to reinforce the idea that humanity is dangerous to the Sweepers.

The Avengers met Overwatch and Triage, a scout police helicopter and a warrior ambulance. Then they headed back to the Helicarrier via the d-gate, or dimensional gate. (It can open near beacons located all around Earth.)

Fantastic Endnote

Since SHIELD was “sanitizing” Goldfist’s Buffalo complex, they headed to New York and his tower in the city. After a quick tour, Goldfist decided he needed to work on technology for a dimensional sealant to prevent the d-gate from opening nearby. But he wanted Tien Mu to be able to teleport through it. So, he headed to the Baxter Building to consult Reed Richards on how to accomplish this. The gang went along.

Mr. Fantastic took readings of Tien Mu, and was intrigued by the trace signatures of Solaricite on the Avengers. They met the Human Torch, and the Invisible Woman. There was much science and banter, and Apis was intrigued by the dimensional shielding around the gateway to the Negative Zone.

They sensed that while Reed was happy to have them around, Sue had some sort of schedule or something, so they finished their first round of research and readings, then returned to Goldfist’s building.



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